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To foster a collaborative and supportive environment for Digital Schools Network, by registering, Schools will need to agree and abide by the following Principles and Code of Conduct

The Digital Schools Network is underpinned by the following Principles:

  1. The network is only as powerful as the contribution of individual members
  2. The network is designed to facilitate peer-to-peer discussions
  3. The network welcomes and promotes diversity within and across schools
  4. The network can help remove equity barriers and enhance engagement opportunities for students in remote and underserved locations
  5. The network celebrates excellence in the use of technology, but recognises that schools with different levels of maturity are welcome
  6. Advice provided by Cisco and its partners is provided in good faith
  7. The network should encourage debate and challenge as well as encouragement
  8. The network is platform for showcasing best practice and promoting “next practice” in digital transformation

As a participant in the network, our School agrees to the following Code of Conduct:

  • Be respectful of other participants and to use appropriate language at all times
  • Respect the privacy of information and perspectives shared with the network
  • Seek permission before communicating directly with another participant (e.g. via video)
  • Seek permission as bound by the respective School’s Administration Policy when involving students in activities in Digital Schools Network
  • Not share commercially sensitive material information among and outside the network
  • Not use the network to promote their own commercial interests or those of their partners

Cisco Systems Inc, as moderator of the network reserves the right, at any time in consultation with its partners to expel or withdraw membership of participants should they deem not to comply with these guiding principles or engage in activities that are illegal, uncompliant and disruptive.

*Please note this program is available only to schools in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, and Singapore.

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